Early beginning

Company Founder Carl Frederik Nielsen set up shop in Baelum, Denmark in 1889. After travelling around Europe, he bought the local forge, but soon after realized that in order to grow his business, he needed to add new activities. The production of cast iron was the early stepping stone to building a future engineering company that today produces a variety of mechanical briquetting presses.

The C.F. Nielsen history spans over 125 years and the company has expanded considerably throughout the years. C.F. Nielsen today offers several briquetting presses and solutions, and most are tailor-made to our customers.

In the timeline below, we show a quick overview of important C.F. Nielsen highlights over the past 127 years:

Family owned company for more than 100 years
C.F. Nielsen A/S continued to be fully owned by the Nielsen family until 1998, when Henning M. Larsen acquired 50% of the shares. Two years later Henning M. Larsen became full owner of the company. Under his leadership the company continued to grow and expand internationally.

In 2007 Mogens Slot Knudsen and Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S acquired C.F. Nielsen A/S. The new owners wanted to continue and intensify the positive development of the company and strengthen the company’s positions as one of the leaders in this field.

In 2007 Mogens Slot Knudsen and Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S acquired C.F. Nielsen A/S. Later in 2007 Bogma AB was merged into C.F. Nielsen A/S of Denmark, and the name of Bogma AB was changed to CFN Bogma AB. Bogma AB was founded in 1939 and has been selling briquetting machines in Scandinavia and around the world since the beginning of the 80s.

Present Ownership 
C.F. Nielsen A/S is today owned jointly by Mogens Slot Knudsen, Managing Director and Henning M. Larsen, Chairman of the Board. The shares were bought from Dansk Kapitalanlæg A/S in 2011.

C.F. Nielsen celebrates its 125th anniversary 

On February 19th 2014, C.F. Nielsen celebrated its 125th anniversary. A book was published to mark the date: “From local workshop to an international business”.

On July 1 2018, the family owned German company RUF Maschinenbau GmbH acquired C.F. Nielsen A/S. RUF is the world leading manufacturer of hydraulic briquetting presses and C.F. Nielsen is the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. The two companies will continue to operate as independent companies and the management of C.F. Nielsen will continue. The two brands RUF and C.F. Nielsen will continue and focus will from the beginning be on combined marketing efforts.