Agricultural briquetting – Industrial solution

Whereas the main raw material for industrial briquetting in Europe is wood, the situation is different in the “new” countries to briquetting.

Especially in Asia and Africa agricultural biomass is used for industrial briquetting. Many different raw materials are used including rice husks, bagasse, peanut shells, coffee husks, napier grass, corn stalks, pineapple waste etc.

The agricultural raw material

Many of the agricultural raw material has high ash content, either naturally like for example rice husks or because they have not been cleaned thoroughly and then contains silica. Generally, it is important to clean the raw material before briquetting. If not, you will experience  high wear on all parts, which will be very costly. In any case the wear on the briquetting machine will be higher with agricultural raw materials and for this purpose we have developed special tools, to reduce the costs on wear parts.

The briquettes are used for industrial boilers to generate heat, steam and electricity. The size of the briquettes is normally not important, as the boilers are large and often hand fed. We have recently developed a new large press – the BP7510, which can produce briquettes with a diameter of up to 120 mm. This type of briquette is perfect for the Asian and African market.