C.F. Nielsen & Kinetic Biofuel to attend the Low Carbon Agriculture Show 2021 - ONLINE!


With Covid-19 still affecting international exhibition, a whole new market of online webinars have surfaced. This enables companies like C.F. Nielsen to still market products and solutions.

Low Carbon Agriculture 2021 is a vibrant new business event for forward thinking farmers, landowners and industry operators. The event will explore ways to address climate change through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon technology and best practice in both carbon and environmental land management.

Join us ONLINE, when Sales Director Mr. Mogens Slot Knudsen & Technical Director  Mr. Torben Andreas Bonde present "Straw briquettes can effectively boost your biogas production":

The baseline:

Local regulations are aimed at increasing use of cereal straws and limiting energy crops in order to render biogas operations more climate, energy, and environmentally benign. Raw materials such as corn silage is being phased out and the best replacement is agricultural crop residues such as wheat straw. So far it has been virtually impossible to use wheat straw in significant quantities in biogas operations due to the hydrophobic, porous, and recalcitrant properties of raw straw. However, briquetted straw offers the opportunity to effectively introduce and co-digest straw briquettes in biogas operations, and obtain a high and stable gas yield. This session will introduce a full concept of using straw in biogas operations.

The presentation is followed by a LIVE Q&A, March 10th from 2-2:30pm !

Interested in knowing more? Feel free to register today!

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