1.1 t/h Second hand machine gets new life

MF Plast in Romania

1.1 t/h Second hand machine gets new life

In the beginning of 2016 we had a potential customer visiting from Romania looking for a briquette press to work with waste wood. During the visit, we introduced a second hand briquette press and packing equipment which we had exchanged for new equipment. The client decided to go for the second-hand equipment and we refurbished the press and gave 6 months warranty.

Now this line is operating in Romania and is producing consumer briquettes from old pallet wood.

MF Plast in Romania
Particle size of raw material (wood waste)
Second hand briquetting press BP5500
Totally refurbished BP5500
Cooling lines
Finished briquette
Packing of briquettes
Storage of briquettes

Briquetting Press BP 5510

Briquette size: Ø75, 65x65 mm
Capacity: 900-1400 kg/h
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