1.5-2.0 t/h Peat briquettes in Africa

Peat being harvested and dried in the field

1.5-2.0 t/h Peat briquettes in Africa

One of our customers in Africa had invested in equipment for harvesting peat. The peat was dried in the sun, but they needed a solution to create a commercial fuel, which they could sell locally for power plants and domestic use.

After a study, they decided on buying a briquetting solution – which we delivered as a Mobile solution complete with feeding system, briquetting press BP6000, container, control panel and cooling lines.


Moisture level up to 30%

The briquettes will be produced as 90 mm round. For this project we were able to accept a moisture level up to 30% and still producing very good briquettes.

Peat being harvested and dried in the field
Peat raw material before briquetting
Raw material being dried in the field in Africa
Mobile briquetting Solution BP6500 being installed
Peat briquettes in the cooling line – high capacity
Production of briquettes in Rwanda
Finished briquettes on display
Finished briquettes exiting the cooling line

Briquetting Press BP 6510

Briquette size: Ø90, 100, 75x75 mm
Capacity: 1100-2300 kg/h
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