1,0 t/h Test plant for torrefied wood

Torrefied wood is regarded as the new “coal”. Apart from having many similarities with coal, it is still renewable energy and believed it will replace many types of biomass within the years to come. The main advantage is that the densified torrefied biomass can replace coal in existing power plants – which will avoid costly rebuilding of coal plants to biomass plants.

Many companies are developing the torrefaction process and over the last 3-4 years, we have sold both briquetting presses for testing and production to several of these companies.

Finished briquettes of torrefied wood

Testing densification of torrefied wood

One of the briquetting presses, a BP6500, was sold to Andritz in Austria, and together we tested the production and densification of torrefied wood under different conditions. Briquettes were produced in 50 mm and 75 mm diameter briquettes, reaching a capacity above 1 ton per hour in 75 mm diameter. The different tests helped us adapt our machinery to produce torrefied wood with high efficiency.


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