100.000t/per year consumer briquettes (logs)

The company HIT – Holzindustrie Torgau, Germany – is one of the largest manufacturers of Euro Pallets in Europe. They have a high amount of softwood wood waste and they decided in 2011 to study if it would be a good idea to produce consumer briquettes from their waste.

The 12 BP6500 briquetting presses.

Increasing productivity

The goal was to establish a high capacity line with briquette packages weighing exactly 10 kg per package. For the project, C.F. Nielsen designed and developed a check weighing system ensuring exact weight of each package, thus increasing productivity by 2-3.000 tons per year.

As a result of the design and negotiations in 2013, we delivered the largest and most efficient consumer briquetting line in the world consisting of 12 BP6500 Briquetting presses, automatic saws with check weighing systems. Each press has a capacity of 1.200-1.300 kg resulting in an hourly capacity of approx. 15 tons per hour or up to 120.000 tons per year of Ø90 mm briquettes with our without holes.

See the impressive pictures below:

Probably the largest briquetting plant in the world

To learn more about the HIT case go to the article "Probably the largest briquetting plant in the world" 

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