2 t/h Consumer logs from agri-raw material

The finished packaged product – STROGS

    2 t/h Consumer logs from agri-raw material

    Most consumer logs are made from wood-based raw materials; however, there are few exceptions – Miscanthus and wheat straw are some of them. Miscanthus is more similar to wood in structure than wheat straw and makes a good briquette. Miscanthus and wheat straw does not have the same flame pattern as wood, so it can be a good idea to mix with wood residues.

    One of our customers in Ireland has made consumer logs from wheat straw, miscanthus and a mix of miscanthus and wood residues. He has made his own brands – Strogs (straw logs) – for the briquettes.

    We installed 2 BP5500 with silo and breakers combined with straw handling equipment for this client. The line produces approx. 2 tons per hour in 75 mm diameter briquettes.

    Wheat straw in storage
    Shredding plant for straw
    2 BP5500 briquetting presses producing consumer logs from straw
    Straw briquettes existing the cooling line on the BP5500 briquetting press
    Finished straw logs
    The finished packaged product – STROGS

    Briquetting Press BP 5510

    Briquette size: Ø75, 65x65 mm
    Capacity: 900-1400 kg/h
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