3.5-4.0 t/h - Custom made briquette for pizzerias

    3.5-4.0 t/h – Custom made briquette for pizzerias

    One of our customers in Northern Italy had the special request to produce the best quality hard wood briquettes to be used in the stone ovens in Italian restaurants. We were also asked to produce a briquette that would be unique to the market as well as having a shape that would prevent the briquette from rolling.

    They wanted an octagonal briquette and C.F. Nielsen accepted the challenge, giving the customer the full beneifit from C.F. Nielsen’s long experience in developing and producing special solutions for briquetting.

    The customer obtained a high quality briquette with a unique shape and the special product has helped them in securing a number 1 position within their segment. The briquette is design protected.

    Today the customer has 2 BP6500 and 1 BP6510, complete with silos and automatic saws. Each line has a capacity between 1.3-1.5 tons per hour.

    Raw material – beech waste – for the production of special briquettes for pizzarias
    Briquettes burn longer and creates more heat than normal fire wood
    Flower and octangonal shape briquettes
    Briquettes of special octagonal and flower shape manufactured after customer's request.
    Special shapes – octagonal and flower briquette made for customer, seen from the side

    Briquetting Press BP 6510

    Briquette size: Ø90, 100, 75x75 mm
    Capacity: 1100-2300 kg/h
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