3.5-4.0 t/h - Getting the best of demolition wood

    3.5-4.0 t/h – Getting the best of demolition wood

    One of our German customers has a trucking company which collects and distributes different types of waste.

    Some of the best raw material including old pallets and other types of similar fairly clean raw material, is being used  for briquettes.

    The company has a high quality standard, as the material is sorted, cleaned for impurities and metal pieces and mixed with clean wood waste prior to briquetting. The result is a good quality consumer briquette.

    The company produces Ø90 briquettes and has a total of 3 BP6500 each with a capacity of 1.200-1.300 kg per hour.

    Shredded raw material
    Collected raw material before shredding
    Dried and milled raw material ready for briquetting
    1 of the 3 BP6500 briqeutting presses being installed
    Finished shrink wrapped briquettes
    Storage of finished briquettes

    Briquetting Press BP 6510

    Briquette size: Ø90, 100, 75x75 mm
    Capacity: 1100-2300 kg/h
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