Briquetting Press BP 2010 – 2510

Briquetting Press BP 2010 – 2510

The BP2010 and BP2510 models are the latest upgrade and our smallest mechanical presses. The presses are designed to meet the requirement industrial companies with smaller volumes, but also for organizations and companies in regions like Africa, that require a strong and reliable briquetting press.

The BP2010 and BP2510 can be supplied with separate dosing silo and as well as the BPU2010 and BPU2510, which are compact units with a small dosing silo attached, fully cabled and ready to go.

The presses are well suited for the production of briquettes of many different agricultural and wood based raw material including dust like MDF. The presses are strong and reliable mechanical presses designed for automatic 3-shift operation. All vital parts are integrated in the strong machine frame and glass fiber protective housing.

The briquettes can typically be used as industrial briquettes for boilers in district heating or power plants, but also for other purposes such as briquettes for cooking stoves in regions like Africa.

The control systems can either be delivered as relay-based or with PLC. The relay-based option will mainly be delivered to installations where the operations are not fully automatic. The PLC based systems comes with Siemens PLC for automatic operation and the functional BBCS, Basic Briquetting Control System
including a 5.7” multi-color monitor with user-friendly touch screen operation. It is possible to monitor, operate or search for failures and even to reprogram the PLC-function via an internet connection.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Strong and reliable press
  • Can be delivered as a unit or with separate dosing silo
  • Relay or PLC based control panels are available
  • Service-friendly and easy to clean
  • Suitable for 3-shift operation
  • Ideal for briquetting of dust such as MDF
  • Mixer for adding water can be integrated

Download BP2010/2510 to read more.

Click the link if you wish to see the complete list of briquetting presses offered by C.F. Nielsen.

  • Show accessories

    ABCS = Advanced Briquetting Control System
    BBCS = Basic Briquetting Control System
    UBCS = Unit Briquetting Control System
    Remote service access
    Data visualizing
    Oil Cooling Unit
    Oil and PLC Warming Unit
    Die Cooling System
    Mixer Type 200
    Water supply for mixer
    Cooling Lines
    Cover for cooling lines
    Frequency controlled dosing screw
    Level sensors (rotary type)
    Switch track 1-3 lines
    Automatic start
Technical specificationsBP2010
Briquette size – mm nominelØ50 mm
Main motor – with softstart18,5/22kW
Capacity range – Industrial briquetting150 - 350kg/hour*
Capacity range – Consumer briquettingData on request
Pressure lubricationNo
Control system – standard (optional)UBCS(BBCS/ABCS)
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm2350x1200x700
Weight app. (kg)app. 1300 kg

* The capacity is depending on the raw material and the type of briquette being produced.

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