Packaging equipment

We can deliver semi-automatic or automatic packaging machines in combination with our briquetting presses. The packaging solutions can be delivered for one or two presses and be fitted to your lay-out.

The packaging machines include manual or automated infeed, shrink wrap applicator, heating tunnel and leaflet feeder.

Download our brochure Semi-automatic packaging solution and Fully automatic packaging solution here.

Semi-automatic packaging unit

Suitable for 1 or 2 presses.

One or several machines?
Fully automatic packing unit

Picture on the left shows a fully automatic packing unit for 2 press with a 180degrees return.

C.F. Nielsen is able to offer tailor made options for all our customers.

Semi- or full automatic?

When do you semi-automatic and not full automatic packaging equipment? It depends on various factors, but it all comes down to the scale of you briquetting project.

Don't hestitate to contact us and we can assist you with your briquetting project.

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