BS350 Briquetting Saw

The BS 350 Briquetting Saw is the top of the line briquette saw for a high productivity consumer briquetting plant. The saw is for a heavy duty industrial for high-capacity production of consumer logs in combination with the BP5510-6510 briquetting presses. The saw will cut briquettes with high precision in a uniform length (+/-2 mm). The control panel can be integrated with the briquetting press. The saw meets all EU and international standards for design and safety.

As a consequence of our high concern for operator safety, all moving parts of the cutter have been totally encased in a metal housing and safety switches have been installed to avoid any accidents. The housing cannot be opened until the saw blade has come to a complete stop.

BS350 features and benefits:
• Nominal briquette length adjustable from control panel
• Length diviation +/- 2mm
• Integrated length/breakage control removes non-proven products
• Can be combined with BW350 integrated check weighing sytems
• Alarm for drop in air pressure
• Air nozzle for removal of saw dust from center hole in briquettes
• Metal detector recommended for production of center hole briquettes
• Fulfills the latest EU standard for saws

The best saw conditions depend on...

The sawing and briquette quality depend, among other things, on:

• The density of the raw material
• The mixture ratio and uniformity of the raw material
• The optimal length of the cooling line, which should normally be 30 m. The purpose of the cooling line is to allow the briquette string to cool down and harden before entering the saw.

Important options for the saw: Length and breakage control, electronic adjustments of briquette length and check-weighing system ensuring exact weight of each briquette/package.


Download our brochure BS350 Briquetting Saw to read more

BS250 Small Saw

C.F. Nielsen now offers the BS250 Small Saw, suitable for the Mechanical Briquetting Presses BP3200, BP4000 and BP5000 and Extrusion Briquetting Press BPE Shimada..

The BS250 is a small, simple and very economical saw for production of consumer logs in combination with our briquetting presses models BP3200, BP4000 and BP5000 and Extrusion Briquetting Press BPE Shimada. Especially, a combination of the BP5000 and the small saw makes a very economical solution for a fairly high-capacity Consumer Solution for briquettes with a diameter of 75 mm.

The saw is designed to cut the 60 and 75 and 65x65 mm briquettes in 200 – 300 mm lengths, which is ideal as a winter fuel for open fires or woodburning stoves etc.

Download our brochure BS250 Small Saw to know more.

Budget Saw

The budget saw is a smaller and more economical saw for industrial production of consumer logs in combination with our briquetting presses. The saw will cut with a uniform length (+/- 5 mm).

The Budget Saw is an ideal solution for medium sized briquetting plants producing consumer type briquettes.

The saw will cut briquettes in uniform length (+/- 5 mm) in order to pack them into a typical foil wrapped package of 10 kg i.e

The saw is an alternative to the BS 350 Briquetting Saw, with some limitations. However, for customers that only have one press and wants a more economical solution, the Budget Saw is a good alternative.
The functionality of the Budget Saw is similar to the BS 350 Briquetting Saw, but functions such as integration with the briquetting press and data transfer are limited. The saw is not as sturdy, tolerance on length is not as good and when producing briquettes with a hole the briquette cannot be cleaned. Broken briquettes cannot be sorted either and there is no possibility of electronic length adjustment and weighing of briquettes.

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