SBP-9 Star Briquetting Press

SBP-9 Star Briquetting Press

The new SBP-9 Star Press is a new revolutionary concept in briquetting and it is the worlds’ largest briquetting press. The design of the press is based on a radial principle of movement – similar to the design of a radial combustion engine, a “star” engine, or an old type of airplane engine.

The press was developed for high capacity production of small briquettes 40-60 mm reaching an output up to 5000 kg/h making it suitable to compete with pellet presses for the market for supply of densified fuel to power plants. The press is still under development.

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SpecificationsSBP 9 Star Press
Briquette size – mm nominelØ40/ Ø50/ Ø60 mm
Main motor – with softstart3 x 90 kW
Capacity range – Torrefied Wood Ø50mmapp. 3000 kg/ hour*
Capacity range – Industrial briquettingapp. 5.500 kh/hour*
Dosing silo - volume2.5/5.0/7.5 m3
Dosing screwsYes - 9 pcs.
Dimensions (BxHxL) mm5000x2930x5000mm
Weight app. (kg)app. 5500kg

* The capacity is depending on the raw material and the type of briquette being produced.