Consumer Wood Briquettes 1000-2000 kg/h

The demand for consumer briquettes has increased since the end of the 90’s, where the need for briquettes for fireplaces and wood burning stoves called for higher capacities. Furthermore, the exponential growth was influenced by the increasing focus on renewable energy.

At C.F. Nielsen, we have specialized in consumer briquette solutions since the beginning of the 21st century. Since then, we have grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical briquette machines within this segment. We deliver production lines with the highest capacity, allowing you to produce renewable energy from your waste materials.

Essentially, this is a sustainable solution for your company as well as the environment, making briquettes a convenient alternative to fossil fuels or to burning new wood.

High capacity production of consumer briquettes

The high capacity briquetting machine ensures the production of 1000-2000 kg consumer logs per hour. This is a profitable solution for high output companies with large amounts of raw waste material.

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This top of the line briquette machine has three core benefits

Highest capacity per briquetting press
High quality consumer logs – leading briquette size
High efficiency
Briquetting Press BP6510
Highest capacity per briquetting press

The briquette machine ensures high capacity production of consumer logs with high output, ideal for industries with raw waste material from 2000 to 8000 tons per year. The combination of high capacity, the low cost of raw materials, less work and lower power costs secures the high profitability of the briquetting solution.

Our BP6510 machine is the mechanical press with the highest capacity in the industry. The large capacity is ensured through the technical double infeed system and control system. The press is powerful and has the latest design, making it a sustainable investment in your company. Additionally, the machine can be delivered with many options with different saws and packaging lines, ranging from semi-industrial to automatic lines.

High quality consumer wood briquettes

The briquette press produces each consumer wood briquette with high density, ranging from logs with a diameter of 90 mm with or without a centre hole to 75x75 mm squared briquettes. The 90 mm is the best selling log made with a mechanical briquette machine, ensuring a favorable market potential.

The double infeed system combined with a large main motor and a unique control system, makes it possible to produce a plain log without curves, with high density ranging from 1,0-1,2 with the exact same weight per briquette. The length of briquettes can vary from 200 to 300 mm in diameters of 90 mm. Most common packing sizes are shrink wrapped in packages of 10 kg.

High efficiency

The high capacity combined with remote access secures high efficiency and stable up-time, giving you full control of your production. The heavy-duty press, the control system and the fact that the press is easy to service, makes it possible to produce marketable briquettes 24/7. The Siemens PLC control system is user-friendly and has a logging function, which makes it possible to optimize your production. The control panel can be accessed remotely, allowing you to control the production fully, anytime

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2 t/h Consumer logs from agri-raw material

Most consumer logs are made from wood-based raw materials; however, there are few exceptions – Miscanthus and wheat straw are some of them. Miscanthus is more similar to wood in structure than wheat straw and makes a good briquette.

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100.000 t/year – Consumer briquettes (logs)

The company HIT – Holzindustrie Torgau, Germany – is one of the largest manufacturers of Euro Pallets in Europe. They have a high amount of softwood wood waste and they decided in 2011 to study if it would be a good idea to produce consumer briquette

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2.5-3.0 tons/h Consumer briquettes (logs) – new design

One of our customers for over 10 years, the RICHE-Group – a family owned Belgian wood-processing company, had to rebuild their factory after a fire in 2014. Before the fire they had three different briquette presses from C.F. Nielsen; however this ti

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3.5-4.0 t/h – Custom made briquette for pizzerias

One of our customers in Northern Italy had the special request to produce the best quality hard wood briquettes to be used in the stone ovens in Italian restaurants. We were also asked to produce a briquette that would be unique to the market as well

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2.5-3.0 t/h Converting a “mountain” of sawdust to consumer briquettes

Over the last decade we have sold several briquetting plants in Russia. Raw material is plentiful in Russia at prices that are considerably lower than in Europe. This often makes it possible to export consumer logs to Germany and combine it with sale

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0.5-1.3 t/h Combining sales and production of shavings with briquettes

In the U.K. there is a large market for producing and selling bedding for horses. Most of the bedding is made from shavings from softwood. The shavings have to be clean from dust, so the dust is removed during the processing of the shavings.

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