Consumer briquettes - fully automatic high capacity briquetting line

Are you considering the advantages of using excess raw material from your production as a marketable cost-effective and environmentally friendly heat source? With a high capacity briquetting line, you can save money from disposal fees from landfills, creating a valuable consumer product rather than waste by-products while contributing to a more eco-friendly approach to energy use.

Why automize briquet-ting?

In industrial markets with high wages, it is important to fully automate the production to keep costs as low as possible. At C.F. Nielsen, we are experts in briquetting, and we do everything we can to meet your personal requirement for a briquetting solution.

The most important thing for us, is to help our customers to get a customized solution to fit their needs. We can integrate our briquetting lines with existing machinery from other suppliers, and we can also deliver complete solutions. With a high degree of automation, you will be able to have your briquetting line operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This type of line will demand more than 5.000 tons of waste raw material a year. For most of our large-scale lines, we will customize the lines in accordance with our customer’s requirements.

This is both in relation to the type of briquette you want to produce, which types of raw material that make up the main part of your waste material and if you need any special equipment for pre-treatment.

The high capacity and uptime combined with special solutions and our advanced briquetting control systems secures the lowest cost production in the industry.

Ready to start with briquetting?
Are you ready to start with briquetting or do you have any questions regarding your briquetting project?
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The primary benefits of consumer logs are threefold

Total automatization – highest capacity
Customized and Engineered Solutions
Lowest production cost
Choose the right high-capacity line set-up

There are many opportunities, when it comes to setting up a fully automated high-capacity briquetting line. First and foremost, we will investigate the conditions of your production and evaluate whether you need special precautions, when we design your briquetting line.

In general, a line of high capacity will include our latest technology and multiple presses of our most sold press BP6510 combined with our BS350 Saw and automatic packaging lines. When setting up such a large-scale line, we will most often collaborate with other suppliers with regards to milling, drying, handling of materials and palletization. This is done to ensure our customers the highest possible uptime. Also, the double infeed of the press, the high degree of automatization, the engineered special solutions combined with our advanced briquetting control system secure low waste, low operating costs and high uptime.

Many options with a high-capacity line

Our solutions are customizable to many types of briquette shapes, raw materials and additives. There are several opportunities for you to make the most of your waste raw material. 

We know that the world of briquetting can seem complicated, but we are experts within the field, and we are here to guide you and your production company in the right direction to transform your waste raw materials into eco-friendly energy sources. Contact us for further information.

2 t/h Consumer logs from agri-raw material

Most consumer logs are made from wood-based raw materials; however, there are few exceptions – Miscanthus and wheat straw are some of them. Miscanthus is more similar to wood in structure than wheat straw and makes a good briquette.

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100.000 t/year – Consumer briquettes (logs)

The company HIT – Holzindustrie Torgau, Germany – is one of the largest manufacturers of Euro Pallets in Europe. They have a high amount of softwood wood waste and they decided in 2011 to study if it would be a good idea to produce consumer briquette

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2.5-3.0 tons/h Consumer briquettes (logs) – new design

One of our customers for over 10 years, the RICHE-Group – a family owned Belgian wood-processing company, had to rebuild their factory after a fire in 2014. Before the fire they had three different briquette presses from C.F. Nielsen; however this ti

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3.5-4.0 t/h – Custom made briquette for pizzerias

One of our customers in Northern Italy had the special request to produce the best quality hard wood briquettes to be used in the stone ovens in Italian restaurants. We were also asked to produce a briquette that would be unique to the market as well

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2.5-3.0 t/h Converting a “mountain” of sawdust to consumer briquettes

Over the last decade we have sold several briquetting plants in Russia. Raw material is plentiful in Russia at prices that are considerably lower than in Europe. This often makes it possible to export consumer logs to Germany and combine it with sale

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0.5-1.3 t/h Combining sales and production of shavings with briquettes

In the U.K. there is a large market for producing and selling bedding for horses. Most of the bedding is made from shavings from softwood. The shavings have to be clean from dust, so the dust is removed during the processing of the shavings.

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