Raw materials

Raw materials that are suitable for briquetting

Some characteristics have to be checked for all type of raw materials prior to considering briquetting.

  • Particle size
    Generally the max particle size is 20x5x3 mm in order to avoid feeding problems for the briquette press.
    For consumer type of briquettes the max particle size is limited to 15x5x2 mm
  • Foreign material
    The raw material should be “clean” without foreign material that may cause excessive wear on vital parts like dies, pistons and compression screws.
    It will likewise result in an increased ash content in the finished products.
    An ash content of more than 0,4% of the finished briquettes means, as a rule of thumb, dramatical increase on wear on all vital parts of the press.
  • Moisture content
    As the optimum moisture content for briquetting purposes varies with the raw material, we know from experience that the recommended water content is from min. 6% to max. 16%.
    From 16% and higher quality will deteriorate considerably until briquetting becomes impossible.
Wood chips
Coffee mixed with wood
Peanut shells

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