On these pages we will continuously inform you about news regarding briquetting and our company.

We expect to publish newsletters on a bimonthly basis. The news will include information about new products and equipment. This will be a main feature, as we constantly upgrade machines and develop new features. The newsletters will also include information about recent cases, solutions or new raw materials we have tested or worked with. The latest news letters can be found on this web-site.

Other related briquetting activities

There will also be news about exhibitions on the website. During the year we participate in many exhibitions and you will be able to find information about the different exhibitions on the web-site, such as name of exhibition, location and booth no. Our newsletters will also included information about exhibitions.

C.F. Nielsen participates in many international projects both in relation to product and market development. Due to this there are many articles, publications and also some radio and television news about our company. We will in the future also share part of this information with you.

The website will also include information future activities – planned or not planned. We might invite your comments to some of our activities and ask your views about new initiatives.