Dosing silos

Our dosing silos are delivered together with our briquetting presses and include a dosing screw. The dosing screw is controlled from the control panel on the briquetting press and ensures optimum feeding of the press. The silos can be delivered in 1.5×1.5 m or 2.0×2.0 m with a variable height with volumes from 3 m3 to 12 m3.

The dosing silos has two main functions, namely, to be a small buffer for the briquetting press, but most importantly to secure a constant feed to the briquetting presses ensuring the highest possible capacity.

 The silo is built up in 3 important elements:

  1. The Dosing screw
  2. The silo itself
  3. The extraction unit*

The picture on the right show a silo with 4-6m3 gross volume: Prepared for two briquette presses, depending on capacity and density.

Important elements

1. The dosing screw should always be integrated with the dosing silo, and if the dosing silo is not delivered by CFN, the dosing screw should as a minimum be delivered by CFN. The reason for this is that the dosing screw is integrated with the PLC program of the briquetting press, where the dosing screw can be regulated to secure maximum or constant capacity of the briquetting press – read about this under options for the briquetting presses.

2. The silos are built in sections with a height of 0,9 m. The standard silo has corner inserts to prevent material from getting stuck in the corners, when handling raw material that tends to build bridge as e.g. MDF dust, the corner inserts are replaced with a cone to prevent the material from bridging across the scraper arm.

3. The dosing screw and scraper arm are also important, as the size of motor and gear will vary in accordance with size of silo and type, weight, and size of raw material. The size and shape of the scraper arm is also important. CFN typically works with two scraper arms – a spring-based scraper with many layers and a fixed arm. Further-more, CFN’s scraper units can be equipped with a cone for certain raw materials and for other raw materials a special insert in the silo can be made


The picture on the left shows a silo with a 1-2m3 gross volume. Suitable only for one BP2000 briquetting press.

Silo 6-12m3 gross volume

Prepared for two briquette presses.

Silo 200-400m3 gross volume 

Suitable for two briquette presses can be installed in the bottom of the silo.

Which silo to choose?

The type of silo you need depends on the particle size, type and weight of the raw material. With very light raw material – 50-100 kg/m3 - it is possible to use a larger silo, whereas for more heavy material – 150-250 kg/m3 – will need a smaller silo, as the raw material is too heavy for a larger silo.

Having trouble choosing the right silo, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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