Second hand equipment

Second hand equipment

In addition to more than 70 years’ experience in selling briquetting new presses, C.F. Nielsen also offers second hand equipment.

In 2007 C.F. Nielsen expanded its business when we acquired the Swedish company Bogma AB. We are therefor able to offer both our own new and second hand machinery as well as Bogma’s.

The source of second hand briquetting machines

Many of our second hand machines are still operating, but when our customers want to trade them in for a new press, we often take over the equipment. Alternatively, the customers want us to sell the machine for them. As a result, we often have second hand presses available. But what are your options with a second hand briquetting press?

“Star Program” – configuration of second hand equipment 

C.F. Nielsen offers you the following configuration of second hand briquetting presses:

1. * As is

2. ** Refurbished

3. *** Totally refurbished

To see the different types of configurations, please click the buttons below.

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