Straws - A material with various purposes

In spite of being an agricultural by-product, straw has a significant value potential - especially if it is briquetted. For example, straw functions very well as bedding for animals such as horses. When briquetted, straw absorbs 5 times more fluid than normal straw for bedding. This minimizes the cleaning work in the stable, and creates a better environment for the animals.
Furthermore, briquetted straw is useful for burning, and it is an excellent source of energy through generating heat, steam and electricity in conventional boilers or gasification plants.

Why choose a straw briquetting solution from C.F. Nielsen?

As mentioned, there are many advantages to utilizing straw for energy production and other purposes. Straw products are seasonal - whether they are briquetted or not. Therefore, storing briquetted straw is much less space consuming than storing bales of straw. Also, as straw is an alternative to wood residue, some may find that it takes some time to establish a new market. At C.F. Nielsen, we have experience within various segments for straw, such as briquetting for heat and power, consumer logs, biogas and bioethanol and feed and toys for animals.  We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our customers to ensure that they have the most success possible with our solution.

Furthermore, most types of straw such as wheat, barley, miscanthus etc. have a moisture level below 15%. This ensures a relatively low investment as equipment for handling straw is generally cheaper than equivalent equipment for wood. We have designed our plants so that the shredding, milling, dust extraction and handling fits our presses.
Our capacities start at 500 kg/ hour for straw briquetting.
In relation to this, we must also note the high ash content in straw, which creates more wear on the equipment. However, as experts, we at C.F. Nielsen have developed special accessories to remove stones and sand in the preparation of the straw. This ensures that our customers will have a resistant and high-efficiency machine

Main features for the straw briquetting solution

  1. High flexibility using different straw products for different markets
  2. Relative low investment with fast pay-back
  3. Accessories for raw materials causing high wear

Various possibilities with briquetting machines

At C.F. Nielsen, we offer our customers a wide range of products and machines for briquetting straw in accordance with customer needs. We can deliver complete lines for briquetting of straw. Our line capacities begin at 500 kg pr. hour and ranges up to 20 tons pr. hour. As a customer with C.F. Nielsen, you are ensured to have a skilled and experienced collaborator on your team, who works to make your production the best it can be.

Need help planning your project?

If you have any questions regarding our machines or if you need knowledge on raw materials, please contact us.

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At C.F. Nielsen, we are passionate about helping our customers make most of their waste material. We are experts in briquetting solutions, and we are more than willing to help you find the best possible solution for your production, regardless of the raw material, you are working with.

0,5-1,3 t/h Combining sales and production of shavings with briquettes

In the U.K. there is a large market for producing and selling bedding for horses. Most of the bedding is made from shavings from softwood. The shavings have to be clean from dust, so the dust is removed during the processing of the shavings.

One of our customers in the U.K. has decided to utilize the left over dust from the production of shavings to produce briquettes for consumers.

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