Solutions for agricultural waste briquettes

There are various solutions for agricultural waste briquettes, as they can both be used as industrial fuel, cooking, animal bedding, and as activation toys for animals. However, the first distinction you need to make is whether you want to produce consumer or industrial briquettes, this is very much dependent on your raw material.

As agricultural waste briquettes have a higher ash content than most wood briquettes, some types of agricultural waste are not as suitable for consumer briquettes as wood. However, in many areas around the world, agricultural waste is more readily available than wood, so in these areas, it makes more sense to produce agricultural consumer briquettes. When it comes to agricultural waste briquettes for industrial use there are several solutions, some of which you can explore in the boxes below.

Agricultural waste briquettes for animals

One area where agricultural waste briquettes are very useful is for animals. As they can both be used for bedding or as activation toys for animals such as pigs and fowls.

When you briquette straw, you break down the fibers in the straw, enabling it to absorb more fluid, making it an ideal product for animal bedding. You can read more about agricultural waste briquettes for animal bedding here. 

Agricultural briquettes or straw briquettes can also be used as activation tools for pigs and fowls. The briquettes help activate the animals, preventing behavior and aggression problems, such as tail and ear biting in pigs and for fowls, it prevents pigging and cannibalism problems.


Agricultural briquettes - Sustainable energy source

Within the energy sector, the potential for agricultural waste as fuel is growing. Agricultural waste briquettes are a sustainable source of energy, as agricultural waste would otherwise in some cases be left to rod on the fields or even burned down in some areas of the world. By briquetting the agricultural waste instead of burning it on the field or leaving it to rod, you would have a very valuable source of energy that can be used as a sustainable alternative to wood or charcoal.

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