Briquettes for bedding

Most animal bedding is made either from wood shavings or shredded straw. C.F. Nielsen now offers an attractive alternative – to use shredded briquettes from straw for bedding, which absorbs more than 4 times more water than normal straw.

Our briquetting presses compress the raw material under high pressure and generate friction heat. When the technology is used for wheat straw the method generates small steam explosions in the straw and the characteristics changes, so that the straw can absorb more water than normal straw.

Our presses are combined with a straw handling line, that efficiently handles the straw. The concept has the following advantages:


  • The shredded straw absorbs more than 4 times more water than normal straw
  • Due to the high absorbtion level amount, bedding can be reduced by approx. 30% compared to other types of bedding
  • The compression through the press heat treats the straw and reduces bacteria and spores to an absolute minimum
  • Smaller particles and dust have been filtered – which is more healthy for the animals
  • The bedding material does not contain any additives
  • Stones and sand are removed during the process
  • After use the material can either be used directly in a biogas plant or plowed down in the field

Briquettes as play toys for animals

How national and international legislations can be possitive for briquetting...
The market for briquetting is constantly evolving, and being a briquette machine manufacturer with competition worldwide, we strive to stay updated on our customers' needs. Another factor that keeps us on our toes are new national and international legislations.
One examples is regarding animal welfare. In Denmark, the Animal Welfare Act ensures that all animals are treated properly and protected as best as possible against pain, suffering, anxiety, permanent injury and significant inconvenience. The needs of the individual animal must be taken into account in relation to its physiology, behavior and health. The environment in which animals live must also be designed so that their needs are met in accordance with recognized practical and scientific experience. Similar legislation exist internationally and opens up for an entirely new briquetting market for us.

Poor animal welfare

But why is that exactly?
Poor animal welfare doesn't go unnoticed, the every day consumer is very focused on nutrition and we are constantly exposed to campaigns supporting animal rights. When the farm animals, such as pigs are either bored or don't have enough space, the pigs have a tendency to bite each other's tails which has to be prevented, by law. A way of doing that, is offering briquettes as a play toy. The briquette is very dense and keeps the pig activated for a long time + serves as a supplement to the feed stock.

Due to the increased focus on this topic, lately we have been testing raw material (alfalfa) for this "activity briquette". So far we are getting very promising briquettes out of it and several customers are showing interest in this particular solution.

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At C.F. Nielsen, we are passionate about helping our customers make most of their waste material. We are experts in briquetting solutions, and we are more than willing to help you find the best possible solution for your production, regardless of the raw material, you are working with.
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