Agricultural residues as fuel for briquetting

In many countries on the African continent the main source for energy is wood. This is both for industrial and consumer purposes. When cooking, firewood and especially charcoal is very popular.

Most of the wood for cooking is sourced from felling trees and due to the high demand of fuel forests are being depleted. If the situation continues there will be a high degree of deforestation. Producing charcoal requires up to 7 kg of wood to produce 1 kg of charcoal, which makes the situation even worse.

Ensuring low consumption of fuel and reduced smoke

We have sold plants in Africa where we use wood based and agricultural based residues for producing briquettes. Sales of briquettes are combined with special stoves that ensure low consumption of fuel and reduced smoke.

We are continuing to develop this concept and are working with different organizations on this. The overall objective is to support low-income groups by providing them access to a sustainable and economically feasible source of energy. At the same time CO2 emissions can be reduced, and the pressure on local forests can also be reduced through the substitution of non-renewable charcoal with an efficient and renewable alternative

Agricultural raw materials such as sugarcane bagasse, rice husks, pineapple waste, coffee husks, cotton stalks can be used for this.

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