Briquetting solutions for waste recycling

Briquetting is a great option for waste recycling, as our briquetting presses can transform non-biomass waste into valuable sources of energy. Depending on the raw material we can provide different solutions for briquetting non-biomass waste. When briquetting non-biomass waste there are different challenges to overcome, depending on the raw material. In the boxes below we have different solutions for briquetting non-biomass waste.

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Sustainable solution for waste recycling

Briquetting is a sustainable solution for waste recycling, as we can briquette many different waste materials and turn them into valuable sources of energy. There are generally two main purposes of briquetting non-biomass waste, either for volume reduction or for fuel purposes. By briquetting non-biomass waste such as RDF/SRF (household waste) the briquettes can be used for power plants or gasification.

We here at C.F. Nielsen have experience with both purposes of briquetting a non-biomass waste material. In France we have a customer that produces different types of paper products – with the production came a lot of paper waste, that was expensive to handle and dispose of. Therefore, the customer invested in a mechanical briquetting press BP3200 and now the company recycles their paper waste into fuel for boilers. You can learn more about the case here.

Normally money is not waste – however, for one of our customers, it is. Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre in Spain produces bank notes, passport paper, and more, and their production generates a lot of waste, all the waste from the production is carefully weighed and the disposal hereof needs to be documented. They invested in a BP5500 mechanical press so they could briquette their waste material and thereby ease the process of disposal. Learn more about the case here.

Briquetting challenges – and how to overcome them

One of the challenges could be the briquetting of light material such as insulation or PUR. With materials that are very light, we experienced problems with feeding the material into the press. Therefore, we have made a special customized system for briquetting light material, with a special infeed system and requirements for the motor and so on. If you want to know more about our custom build lightweight system, click the box above or the link here.

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