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Excess lightweight waste from different productions is very often sent to landfills, this has a cost both for transportation and often to landfill cost. If the lightweight material could be turned into briquettes it could most likely be burned instead. If burning is not possible, then briquetting of the material will at least make a significant volume reduction and extend time in between emptying of waste containers, resulting in fewer trucks that need to drive to landfills. Some solid savings.

As the lightweight waste material very often creates a dusty working environment, then briquetting will minimize this problem and improve the working environment for the employees.

Isolation briquettes

C.F. Nielsen's Experience with lightweight material

One of our customers in the U.K. wanted to replace 4 old briquetting machines with new technology. The raw material is the waste from the production of Insulation panels. The raw material is extremely light weighing at only 25-30 kg per m3. The 4 existing briquetting machines had a capacity of approx.150 kg each or a total capacity of 600 kg. Due to the expansion of production capacity, the customer wanted to acquire a briquetting press with enough capacity to replace the old presses and a second machine with the same capacity for further expansion and redundancy.

2 presses were sold and after installation, each of the new briquette presses was able to handle around 750 kg per hour in a 100 mm diameter briquette. A successful installation.

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At C.F. Nielsen, we are passionate about helping our customers make most of their waste material. We are experts in briquetting solutions, and we are more than willing to help you find the best possible solution for your production, regardless of the raw material, you are working with.
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