Solutions: How to make wood briquettes

Here at C.F. Nielsen, we have several solutions on how to make wood briquettes. Together with our mother company RUF Briquetting System, we offer three different briquetting technologies: Mechanical, Hydraulic and extrusion. Each briquetting press offers different briquette shapes and forms, enabling us to meet almost every market demand for different types of briquettes.

All three briquetting technologies can be used for wood briquettes, and we offer and guide you in the right direction depending on your briquetting solution. When making wood briquettes there are different solutions you can choose, whether you have MDF dust, Waste wood or wish to make consumer briquettes or industrial briquettes. In the boxes below you will find different solutions of how to make wood briquettes.

Consumer vs. Industrial solution

One of the first questions we ask here at C.F. Nielsen is whether you wish to make consumer briquettes or industrial briquettes. Whether you would be able to make consumer briquettes depends on the raw material you have, while industrial briquettes can be made from any raw material that we are able to briquette. Wood as raw material is very suitable for consumer briquettes and especially hardwood makes premium consumer briquettes.
You can learn more about the consumer briquetting solution here  and likewise industrial briquetting.


Beech Briquettes
Consumer Briquettes
How to make wood briquettes from Beech
Industrial Briquettes

Custom wood briquette solutions

As seen in the boxes above there are many different solutions of how to make wood briquettes. There are consumer and industrial briquetting as a more general distinction, however, within these two categories are several other solutions.

Such as for example torrefaction, gasification, or how to make wood briquettes for cooking are just some of the solutions we offer with our briquetting technologies. Each solution is customized for the specific customer, determined by the solutions that the customer wants and the raw material they have.

A Danish Collaboration Providing Global Inspiration

As a furniture manufacturer, Carl Hansen & Søn produces 4-5 tons of wood residues daily.
This was a strenuous task on both Carl Hansen & Søn and the environment, costing both money and unnecessary carbon emissions from the trucks.


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