Consumer Wood Briquettes

At the end of the 1990´s, consumer briquettes became an alternative solution for fireplaces and wood burning stoves. The demands for high capacity consumer briquetting solutions increased. This increase in demand occurred for several reasons:

  • The increased global focus on renewable energy
  • The goal to reduce CO2 emissions, as biomass briquettes are CO2 neutral
  • The high oil prices
  • The convenience of the briquettes compared to alternatives

Consumer briquetting machines - customized solutions for your company

In most cases, the raw material used for consumer briquetting comes from wood residue because it has low contents of ash and thereby provides a better and longer burn in the briquettes. However, it is also possible to make use of raw materials such as wheat straw and miscanthus residue for this purpose. This is often the case for industries based in countries where other materials are more readily accessible than wood, or where agriculture is a primary industry.

The process and equipment for briquetting using agricultural raw materials is the same as the process when using wood as a raw material. This enables us to customize our consumer briquetting solutions for your specific needs.

Furthermore, this also enables us to deliver consumer briquetting solutions for many different industries worldwide with a variety of raw materials as resources. Thereby, we can deliver environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient heat sources globally. And we are very proud of that.

We help you customize your solution

At C.F. Nielsen, we have highly skilled in-house engineers, who work to customize our briquetting solutions to your industry. We have a wide experience of producing briquetting solutions, and we make it a priority to fit your needs and preferences. We can deliver both single briquetting presses and whole processing plants for briquetting.

Consumer briquetting - how we started

C.F. Nielsen began developing consumer briquetting solutions at the beginning of the 21st century, as consumers started to put out demand for efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to heat generation. Since then, we have worked hard to become the leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting machines for the consumer segment.

Through the years, we have developed our mechanical machines to fit more customers´ needs. We have delivered some very satisfying solutiond, solving our clients challenges in waste production by creating profitable briquetting solutions, transforming waste production into a valuable product.
We have developed production lines with the highest capacity, making our customers´ investments in consumer briquetting solutions cost-effective.

Throughout the years we have developed multiple solutions, such as our own saw and other shortening devices for our briquetting solutions. In this connection, we have recently added electronic length adjustment of briquette length and check weighing of briquettes. We have developed integrated packaging lines, making the process of briquetting easier and more integrated in our customers´ daily work.

Furthermore, we have developed systems for adding and mixing moisture and additives. We have created a briquetting press for briquettes with a hole in the middle, which improves the combustion characteristics. In this connection, we have also created systems for producing briquettes of different shapes, all depending on our customers´ preferences and needs.

At C.F. Nielsen, we never cease to evolve and create, because we recognize that fact that the world, and thus our customers´ needs, are ever-changing.

Contact us

At C.F. Nielsen, we are passionate about helping our customers make most of their waste material. We are experts in briquetting solutions, and we are more than willing to help you find the best possible solution for your production, regardless of the raw material, you are working with.
Finished briquettes of torrefied wood

1,0 t/h Test plant for torrefied wood

Torrefied wood is regarded as the new “coal”. Apart from having many similarities with coal, it is still renewable energy…

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