Industrial briquette machine

At C.F. Nielsen, we have been delivering briquetting plants for more than 30 years. We began selling briquette machines for industrial use in Scandinavia, but have since expanded to several regions and continents and are now delivering unique solutions for a variety of industries all over the world, including:

  • UK
  • North America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia

We have specialized in industrial briquette machines, and most of our briquetting plants have been sold to factories in Scandinavia and especially Sweden. Some of these machines have even been operating for more than 30 years, and we still update them regularly, which is proof that our solutions are both sustainable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, we create unique solutions that are adapted to our customers’ needs, and we provide maintenance to ensure that the machines that we sell live up to the requirements of our customers and continue to function in the best possible manner.

Unique solutions for a variety of industries

All new installations that we make include the latest technology within the field, resulting in higher capacities and lower costs per metric ton produced. Furthermore, we check in with our existing customers regularly and make sure that the briquetting presses that they have purchased from us are upgraded and running smoothly, no matter how many years the machines have been operating. This is our guarantee that our customers can always produce high-quality briquettes from their waste and thereby turn their industrial waste into fuels.

From waste to valuable fuels

With one of our unique solutions, you will be able to turn your waste into profit by converting your waste into valuable fuels. We make sure that our solutions are tailored and adapted to your company's needs so that you can get the most out of your investment. No matter where in the world your company or factories are based, we can provide you with a briquette machine designed for processing local raw materials to generate heat and steam for industrial use. There may be some limitations in solutions in regard to your access to power, as well as the amount of waste that is generated. Read more about our solutions for various amounts of waste.

Within only a few years after purchasing and installing one of our unique solutions for industries, you will experience the many benefits of our briquette machines that will save you space as well as money.

When our customers choose to outsource their briquettes, they are typically sold to district heating plants. This provides your company as well as your local business community with a solution that is both sustainable, environmentally friendly and contributes to a circular economy.

Agricultural raw materials

Briquettes can be made from a variety of different raw materials, depending on the industry. Most briquettes are made from wood scraps and other industrial production waste, but a lot of agricultural raw materials can be made into briquettes as well, so that you can get the most out of your industrial waste in a sustainable manner.

In essence, you can process just about any agricultural raw materials for briquetting, be they dry, such as straw-based raw materials, or wet, such as bagasse and reed. All you need is the right briquette machine and proper preparation of the raw materials before briquetting, and this is where C.F. Nielsen will be at your service. Start turning your company's agricultural waste into valuable fuels with one of our unique industrial briquette machine solutions, tailored for your company's needs.

A Danish Collaboration Providing Global Inspiration

As a furniture manufacturer, Carl Hansen & Søn produces 4-5 tons of wood residues daily.
This was a strenuous task on both Carl Hansen & Søn and the environment, costing both money and unnecessary carbon emissions from the trucks.

Industrial Heat & Power

For more than 30 years, our briquette presses for industrial heat and power have been operating in Scandinavia. Over the years, the machines have been upgraded regularly to include the latest technology, resulting in higher capacities and lower costs per metric ton produced. The new technology has enabled us to enter new markets such as torrefied wood, which is believed to replace conventional coal within the years to come.

Recently, the concept has spread to other regions such as Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, where the concept is being used along with local raw material – mainly agriculturally based – to generate heat and steam for industrial use.

At C.F. Nielsen, we have specialized in mechanical briquette presses for industrial heat & power. With our unique solutions, difficult waste materials can be turned into valuable products. For a company with an annual waste from 500-50.000 tons, this is the ideal solution for a circular production.

Benefits of industrial heat & power briquette presses

For industrial heat and power, briquette presses offer a sustainable and profitable solution to waste materials. Even the most difficult materials can be made into industrial briquettes. Ultimately, this solution is both a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your company as well as the environment.


Main features for the husk briquetting solution

  1. Highest capacity per briquetting press
  2. Low investment with fast pay-back
  3. Accessories for raw materials causing high wear

Strong alternative to pellets

The technology of briquette presses for industrial heat & power is easier to operate with lower opex and capex costs than pellets. The production is typically decentralized, resulting in lower logistical costs. The briquettes are generally utilized in industrial boilers producing heat and steam. Diameters and lengths of the briquettes can be adapted to the infeed systems of the boilers.

Our mechanical briquetting presses range from BP2010 with a briquette diameter of 50 mm and capacity from 250 kg/h, to our BP7510 with a briquette diameter up to 120 mm and a capacity up to 3.000 kg/h. This offers you a broad variety of solutions compared to pellets.

Briquette difficult raw materials

A briquette press enables the production of briquettes from more difficult raw materials such as agricultural waste and other waste products with high wear resistance. Furthermore, briquetting makes it possible to obtain moisture levels typically from 6 % up to 16%.

Our double infeed systems means that the presses can handle very light raw material. We have even developed special wear parts such as particular dies, pistons and compression screws for difficult raw materials, which are either produced from special steel, have undergone a special hardening process or have a special surface treatment, suited to the task at hand.

An economical solution

The capacities of briquette presses for industrial heat & power use start at 250 kg/h, making it ideal for customers with waste volumes from 500 ton per year and upwards. High capacities and automated lines ensure a high output and is ideal for customers with waste volumes of 5.000 tons per year and more. The high capacity combined with remote access to machines secures high efficiency and stable up-time.

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