Industrial Torrefied Wood briquettes

Over the years, briquette machines have been upgraded and developed to a great extent, which has made them increasingly efficient and sustainable for both the environment and the industries that make use of industrial briquette machines for processing their residue.

Today, the industrial briquette machines are made with the latest technology, resulting in higher capacities and lower costs per tonne produced, and you can briquette just about any waste wood that comes from your production, whatever you may be manufacturing in your company.

One of the latest and highly popular solutions that have been developed in the briquetting field is the torrefied wood briquette machine. Torrefied wood is a sustainable and effective replacement for coal in power plants, which provides a higher energy density and improved logistics.

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From waste to valuable energy

In any manufacturing process, the production of waste is unavoidable. But instead of disposing of the residue, you can turn it into valuable energy by using an industrial briquette machine. This will save you space as well as transport costs, and you will be able to provide your own fuel for your industrial boilers. And as a bonus, you will profit from it rather than having expenses for waste management.

At C.F. Nielsen, we have a specialized briquetting solution developed for torrefied wood, which can replace coal in power plants. To replace coal, our machines can produce briquettes in diameters from 50 mm to 90 mm. You will obtain the highest capacity when using our BP6510 briquetting press, which produces a briquette in either 75 or 90 mm diameter. In case smaller pieces are required at the power plants, the briquettes can be shipped in bulk and shredded or down-sized.

Our machines can briquette torrefied wood at moisture levels as low as 2 %, but preferably 4-6 %, while also achieving a high density, between 1,1-1,2, which is higher than the density of regular biomass briquettes. This results in a high energy value at a bulk density between 500 and 650 kg/m3.

At C.F. Nielsen, we have tested torrefied raw materials from many different production plants all over the world, as well as sold plants for testing and production. This has enabled us to develop a unique application for torrefied wood that can down-size the raw materials through our precompression and die system. Our machines can handle raw materials above 100C, and they have a considerably lower power consumption per tonne than any alternative on the market.

Torrefied wood offers the following main features

  1. A replacement for coal in power plants
  2. Higher energy density and improved logistics
  3. Specialized briquetting solution for torrefied wood

Replacing coal in power plants

Regular coal is an expensive as well as a non-sustainable energy resource, but it is still frequently used in many power plants around the world. However, in most cases, it is possible to replace coal with torrefied wood briquettes, which is a sustainable and cost-effective solution with a lot of benefits compared to regular charcoal:

  1. Most coal-driven power plants can only mix 5-10 % biomass with coal as the power plants are not set up for using biomass. With torrefied wood, power plants can transfer their fuel from coal to a bio-coal, thus meeting the international goals for CO2 reduction.
  2. The torrefaction process increases the calorific value of the wood with approximately 25 %, reaching a caloric value at a similar level of coal. The higher energy value per ton reduces the logistical costs with 25 % or more as the bulk-density of a briquetted product of torrefied wood is equal to or higher than regular briquetted biomass.
  3. Briquetting is a unique solution for torrefied wood. Coal plants do not require pellets as coal is generally larger than pellets and often similar to the size of small briquettes. Torrefied wood can be briquetted at low moisture levels, and the press down-sizes the raw materials.

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At C.F. Nielsen, we are passionate about helping our customers make most of their waste material. We are experts in briquetting solutions, and we are more than willing to help you find the best possible solution for your production, regardless of the raw material, you are working with.

0,5-1,3 t/h Combining sales and production of shavings with briquettes

In the U.K. there is a large market for producing and selling bedding for horses. Most of the bedding is made from shavings from softwood. The shavings have to be clean from dust, so the dust is removed during the processing of the shavings.

One of our customers in the U.K. has decided to utilize the left over dust from the production of shavings to produce briquettes for consumers.

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