Waste Wood Industrial Briquetting

Turn your waste wood and other industrial residues into valuable industrial fuel with a briquette press machine. At C.F. Nielsen, we provide unique solutions to companies in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and every other continent around the globe.

We can provide you with a sustainable and cost-effective solution for almost any type of industrially generated waste. Our briquette press machines come with a lot of different benefits, both environmentally as well as economically:

  1. Save transportation costs by recycling and reusing your waste wood and other residues instead of paying for the disposal of it.
  2. Contribute to a circular economy with a briquette press machine that can turn your waste into valuable industrial fuel for industrial boilers in your factory.
  3. Or sell your briquettes to other companies that operate with industrial boilers to gain a profit from your waste wood and industrial residues.

Our briquette press machines come with the latest technology and can be adapted to meet your company’s individual needs.

Grade A/A1 Consumer
Grade B Industrial
Grade C Industrial
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From Waste Wood to Industrial Fuel

With a briquette press machine, you will never have to let your waste go to waste again. Instead of disposing of your waste wood as well as other industrial residues that your company generates, you can turn it into marketable fuel for industrial boilers with a briquette press machine.

We provide unique solutions

We work hard to provide you and your company with the best solutions for your industrial waste wood and other residues that are generated from the production process. No waste problem is too big of a challenge for us.

Over the years, we have provided unique solutions for companies all over the world. We make sure to adapt each solution to meet the needs of the individual company. Our briquette press machines are up-to-date with the latest technology and can be adapted to process any waste material or residue. It does not need to be waste wood - you can briquette other industrial and agricultural raw materials as well, such as different types of paper waste, household waste or other types of residues. The waste can be converted to briquettes for industrial use, into RDF/SRF, and in some cases consumer briquettes.

We also offer solutions for torrefied woods and biomass as well as densities fuel for heat and power generation. The industrial fuel briquettes may be used both in your own or nearby production boilers as well as being sold or used in power plants.

If your company does already operate with a briquette press machine in your production plant, we can also provide you with upgrades to your machinery that can make your production even more efficient than it already is.

We guarantee the best solutions for you and your company
Before we agree on the solution that is best suited for your production plant, we will analyze your raw materials and assess your company’s needs as well as the surrounding factories in your local area. Sometimes, the best solution will be to use the briquettes in-house, and sometimes, it will be ideal to outsource the briquettes for other nearby companies that operate with industrial boilers. This way, your company can contribute to a circular economy in your local area at the same time as lowering the costs of waste disposal and decreasing the environmental footprint of your company.