Waste wood

Waste wood

Most Industrial and consumer briquettes are made from clean wood with low ash content. Consumers prefer products with low ash content and for industrial briquettes in Europe (where the market demand is biggest), there are regulations for, which raw material can be regarded as biomass and used in industrial boilers.

In Europe the demand for biomass raw material is increasing and so are the prices for raw material. Because of this several customers are looking for alternative types of raw material. Some of our most success-ful stories is where the customers have used demolition wood. This raw material includes old pallets and other types of similar fairly clean raw material.

To produce briquettes from demolition wood requires a high quality standard, as the material needs to be sorted and cleaned for impurities and metal pieces prior to briquetting. With a high quality standard, good briquettes can be made, resulting in high profitability due to low costs of the raw material.


Need help categorizing you waste wood?

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Briquetting Press BP 6510

Briquette size: Ø90, 100, 75x75 mm
Capacity: 1100-2300 kg/h
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