MDF Solution

MDF Solution

The challenge (Briquetting of dust from MDF( Medium density board))
MDF is widely used in production of boards, kitchen cabinets, furniture, doors, architraves and skirting etc. The processing of MDF into finished products generates a lot of dust, which for many producers is a big problem, due to the risk of dust explosion and high costs for disposal.

By making the dust into briquettes you will get the following advantages:

  • Removing the dust problem in production areas
  • Removing the risk of dust explosions
  • Reducing the volume of the waste to 500-600kg per m3
  • Saving transport costs
  • Saving landfill costs or even make a profit when used for industrial fuel
  • Meeting Atex standards

Why C.F. Nielsen briquetting solutions is the right choice:

  • Customer specific solutions adapted to your factory layout and existing equipment
  • Capacities in MDF are typically from 200-1400kg/h per machine
  • Special solution for MDF dust with mixer to increase moisture
  • Main motor size: 22-55kW
  • Mechanical briquetting presses designed and manufactured for automatic production in 3 shift operation.
  • Low operational costs
  • Vast number of reference plants around the world for MDFdust
  • Strong service and back up including remote access via internet
  • Special solutions for mixing of MDF and other materials

What does the customer say?
Southern Pine Products, New Zealand: “The investment in the C.F. Nielsen briquetting line for our MDF dust changed a high cost for transportation and landfill to an income, giving a pay back time of 1,3 years”. (

Hume Doors and Timber, Australia and Malaysia: “We have now 13 briquetting lines in Australia and Malaysia for 100% MDF or for a mix of MDF and solid wood”.