Torrefied Wood

Torrefied wood solution

Torrefied wood is regarded as the new “coal”. Apart from having many similarities to coal, it is still renewable energy and believed to replace many types of biomass within the years to come.

Densified torrefied biomass has several advantages, which makes it a competitive option in different markets compared to conventional biomass. These features include:

  • Higher energy density
  • More homogeneous composition
  • Hydrophobic behavior
  • Elimination of biological activity
  • Improved grinding ability

The main advantage, however,  is that the densified torrefied biomass can replace coal in existing power plants, which will avoid costly rebuilding of coal plants to biomass plants.

Torrefied biomass

Torrefied biomass is more difficult to densify than normal biomass and briquetting offers several advantages compared to pellets. Due to the design of a briquetting press the operational costs are lower and so is the overall investment.

Over the last 3-4 years we have adapted our existing machines to densify torrefied biomass and we have sold several machines for this new segment. We have also received a grant from the Danish Energy Ministry (EUDP Program) to develop a new high capacity briquetting machine for torrefied biomass. This has resulted in the development of the new unique Star Press, where the general design of the machine is based on a radial principle of movement – similar to the design of a radial combustion engine, a “star” engine. The machine has one single eccentric hub shaft connected to 9 briquetting lines.

See about this new development on this link.

Andritz torrefied
Torrefied briquettes 351x315