0.8 t/h Testing plant for biogas

Straw plant to the right with anaerobic digester to the left

0.8 t/h Testing plant for biogas

Working with a partner, we have developed a technology where we can use briquettes from straw in a biogas plant. As a result of the briquetting process, a small steam explosion is created and the cell structure is opened making access to bacteria and thus being able to increase biogas production.

A biogas plant with supply of 100.000 tons slurry can increase biogas production from 2.5 million m3 of biogas to 6.5 million m3 by adding 10.000 tons straw briquettes.

Testing facility in Foulum

We have installed a testing facility at the biogas plant at the University of Aarhus in Foulum, Denmark. The briquetting press is a BP5500 and the line is complete with straw handling plant producing approx.. 800 kg per hour of straw briquettes with a diameter of 75 mm. The testing plant has enabled us to get documentation for the concept, which is now patented.

Aarhus University Biogas Testing Facility in Foulum, Denmark
Straw plant to the right with anaerobic digester to the left
Wheat straw in bales being moved to the briquetting plant
The testing plant at the Aarhus University Biogas plant in Foulum
The BP6500 briqutting press producing straw briquettes for biogas
Finished straw briquette existing the cooling line
Straw briquettes ready to be fed into the digester
The straw briquettes are moved to the digester with a chain conveyor and feed into the digester with a dosing screw

Briquetting Press BP 5510

Briquette size: Ø75, 65x65 mm
Capacity: 900-1400 kg/h
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