5-6 t/h industrial briquettes – 3 large silos

    5-6 t/h industrial briquettes – 3 large silos

    In Sweden the major part of briquettes are used for industrial briquettes for district heating plants. Over the years we have sold numerous plants in Sweden.

    One of our largest customers is the Fellessons Group – a large wood working company – who over a period of 10 years has bought 3 large silos of 400 m3 each, which the briquettes presses are placed at the bottom of the silos. Shavings from the wood working operation are transferred to the silos and the systems operate independently of the wood working operation. When the silo is empty the briquetting presses will stop operating and when half-full the presses will start automatically. When operations stop at the wood working operation in the evening or the end of the week the presses will empty the silo. The briquettes are lead automatically to the storage room. The plant operates without supervision. In case of down time a text message is sent to the supervisor.

    Fellessons has a total of 5 BP5500 briquetting presses producing an Ø75 briquette.

    Fellesons in Sweden a loyal customer for many years
    3 large silos with briquetting presses at the bottom of the silos
    Large 400 m3 silo with BP5500 briquetting presses at the bottom
    Pine shavings as raw material for industrial briquettes
    Cooling lines transporting briquettes outside to storage
    The BP5500
    Extraction system feeding the two BP5500 briquetting presses shavings from the large silo
    Industrial briquettes
    Storage of industrial briquettes ready to be picked up for delivery to district heating plant

    Briquetting Press BP 5510

    Briquette size: Ø75, 65x65 mm
    Capacity: 900-1400 kg/h
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