How do you operate a briquetting plant?

Costs should not be the only factor to be considered, when evaluating a briquetting plant. For newcomers in the business of biomass, production might not seem complicated. Never the less, it is our experience that two customers with similar raw material can have a very different success rate in terms of profitability.

The success and failure of a briquetting plant...

The success and failure of a biomass plant will depend on a combination of the following 3 factors:

  1. Handling of raw material – the best practises are the following:
  • Careful collection and handling of raw material
  • Secure homogeneity of raw material – this includes sizing, type and moisture of raw material.
  • Many customers want to test different raw materials in the beginning. It is better to learn how to operate the equipment and handle one type of raw material, and when you have gained experience you can start to make experiments.

2. The right machinery – the best practices are the following:

  • Choose the right machinery
  • Depending on the local salary level and other factors, you might not need the most automated total solution for your briquetting plant. It is however important that you choose the right equipment.
  • The briquetting equipment is the heart of the briquetting line, so here you have to be extremely careful in your selection. With C.F. Nielsen you are in good hands.

3. The right people – the best practices are the following:

  • It is important that you choose the right people for your briquetting plant. You will need a skilled technician that can supervise the briquetting equipment and skilled worker to operate the equipment
  • Make sure your emplyees get extensive training
  • Keep the same worker operating the plant to constantly improve productivity

Need help with your briquetting project?

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